Just need to improve or should move up?

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Just need to improve or should move up?

Hi All,

I’ve recently got back into PLO following lockdown. I’ve really enjoyed getting back into it and RIO has been a great resource to learn things quickly.

I’ve been trying to grind it up from 2PLO through the stakes, I managed to do this a few years ago to 25PLO. This time however I am having more of an issue, I believe that my play is good and that I am beating the game. However, I think that the high rake is crushing my chance to get higher. Over 42k hands at 2PLOz I am being raked 20bb/100 on average. This to me seems excessively high and makes the game almost unbeatable from my point of view. I currently have a 3bb/100 all in ev winrate over this small sample.

Rather than being stuck playing 2PLO for tens of thousands of hands I’m considering moving up to 25PLO just to get out of the rake trap.

My questions are:

-do people think the <25PLO games are still beatable with high rake at a reasonable winrate? Is it possible to reasonably grind through these?
-in peoples experience, how bad is the 25PLOz rake? Is it similar to 20bb/100?

Thanks for your input I am open to discussion

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