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LF Study partner / coach


I started playing PLO like 2 months ago and since then I moved to PLO25 zoom where I am breakeven. I am also playing a lot of live PLO at Prague and would like to improve so I am looking for either a study partner or a coach.

My backround is in Limit Holdem and other limit games but LHE mainly ( I am still playing up to 15/30 on stars ). So I am not a complete poker newbie and know a lot of advanced poker related stuff that includes GTO etc.....

In study partner I am looking for someone who will be willing to discuss hands, review sessions, discuss strategies, share some ideas etc..

For coach I would have a lot of topics I would want to go through for example.
- Deep stack PLO ( 300+bb deep )
- basic stuff like preflop, cbetting, stabbing etc..
- Bluff catching on the river ( I am soooo call heavy since I am used to all the limit games )
and other topics, but these are first that comes to my mind.

Appreciate every response. :)

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