Line discussion OTT? Turned GS/NFD OOP

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Line discussion OTT? Turned GS/NFD OOP

I've been doing a lot of review on hands/vid notes etc. and it brought me to this one situation where I'm finding myself to be kind of lost, or at least feeling very imbalanced. I'd like to put my thought process under a microscope here and get some feedback. BTW, I'm really just interested in turn discussion here, more than anything else, though of course it is the flop play that leads to the turn play.

For ease of discussion let's just say it's 100 PLO. And villain's readless. 100bb eff.

Folded to me, I open for $3.50 in CO with AK57ss suited to the ace and 7. BTN calls. Rest fold. HU to flop.

$8.50 pot
Flop Q85r with one spade giving me bot pair and BDNFD. I bet $5.00, IP calls.

$18.50 pot
Turn Ts - board - Qc 8d 5s Ts

So this is basically a spot I tend to be check/calling here as a default and very rarely am I barreling turn.

  • I'm making an assumption that the T improves villain's range quite a bit and I'm pretty much betting while behind if I barrel turn
  • Betting and getting raised off my hand here is pretty crummy.
  • This make my check/calls pretty imbalanced as for the most part this is how I'd play all my NFD's here. Though I suppose I'd play sets like this, sometimes.
  • My check/call feels fairly face-up, IMO, and it makes me unsure if I'm just not playing this spot very well to begin with.

So to me I'm wondering if there's a mixture of an exploitable line/bad line, flawed thinking, and flawed poker. I wonder if part of the problem is that I am giving villain too much credit for improving his range with the turned T?

Would appreciate any feedback, thanks.

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