Line with NFD hitting it turn in 3bet pot

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Line with NFD hitting it turn in 3bet pot

PLO100 - 6 players

UTG - 100bb
BU - 150bb
SB - Hero - 100bb
BB - 80bb

Hero As Ac 6s 2c

fold, BU raises to 3.5bb, Hero raises to 11bb, fold,call

Flop (23.5bb) Js 9s 5d

Hero bets 23.5bb, BU calls

Turn (70.5bb) 2s

Hero check, BU check

River (70.5bb) Qd

Hero bets 28bb

BU good reg kinda aggro

Preflop, 3bet seems me std w AAxx ds, even if side cards aren't great and oop

Flop, cbet std w ovp + NFD.
Not sure about the sizing.
SPR is 3.5, and the board is drawy, so pot shouldn't be a big mistake
But I'm not sure I have a cbet pot / fold range here, so maybe I should cbet another sizing.

c/r could make sense, but Villain doesn't stab much on 3bet pot (with or without ini)
So c/r would miss often and I am going to have lots of turn hard to play oop

Turn, bingo card
But I think it's hard to get value here if I 2nd barrel.
check to let him stab or value thin lower flushes

As played turn, maybe i should check this river too.
he could feel strong with his good flush and vbet it, maybe w straights too (but i don't think he would vbet it)
and let him make some bluffs or turn some hand into a bluff.

I choose to bet to value those low flush that would check back, or value a sticking straight on this Q river.
No idea about the sizing

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