live 10/20 deep

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live 10/20 deep

Live game, 5 handed, 10/20. CO ( villain in the hand) limps, I limp BTN with Ac 4s 5c 6c. SB was being pretty agrro with 3betting, so I limped BTN behind wanting villain in the pot. SB pots to 100, BB folds, villain calls and I complete. We are little over 6k effective. Anyways, to the flop

4c 6h 8c ($320)

They both check to me, and I bet 250. SB folds and villain pots it to $1070. He is a fish, but on the passive side, and I'm 100% sure he has 75xx here, more likely with some sort of redraw. I call ip.

Turn 9d (bringing bdfd)  ($2460) he bets $2100 

The pot is $2460 and we both have around $6100 to start the hand with, so around 5k behind on the turn each. 

Should I isolate preflop? How should I play flop, ie. is there any merit to checking behind for deception? I think I should always peel his flop c/r. Do I have odds to call his turn bet? I will have 1/2 psb left on the river


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