Live $2/$5 NLH w/ $20 PLO bomb pot on dealer change. Profitable in long run?

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Live $2/$5 NLH w/ $20 PLO bomb pot on dealer change. Profitable in long run?

Hi guys,

In my Live $2/$5 nlh game, there is a $20 bomb pot when the dealer changes. You can put out $20 if you want. Then, the pot usually is 7-8 way and a hand of PLO is dealt. You go straight to the flop. Sometimes, it plays normally starting at post flop. Sometimes, the dealer deals 2 boards, then the hand is played through with 2 turns, and 2 rivers. Do you think playing in this setup is +EV in the long run? You can sit out if you are in a bad position as well, and play when IP. Do you think it is profitable IP? Usually there is 2-3 fish at the table with $1k stacks and several fish with $400-700 stacks. I always have at least $1k in front of me.

I have played several hundred thousand hands of online PLO and beat $0.25/$0.50 at 8bb/100 and have a 50k hand sample at 100 PLO where I have beaten the game for 6bb/100. This is on ignition poker. I am also a profitable PLO live player. I understand how to play postflop, and how not to overvalue hands like bottom set and medium flush draws multi-way. I'm not an oustanding PLO player and mainly focus on NLH, but I know enough to have a skill edge in PLO Live line ups. My concern with this setup is that you get dealt a lot of trashy hands that play bad multi-way where you are often just folding post flop. We are put in a lot of high variance/marginal spots post flop. Even though these players have little PLO experience, since its heavily multi-way, we will often have to play pretty straight forward with the 7-8 way pots. On the other hand, can we overcome rake in the long run just nut pettling, making a hand, and value betting vs nlh fish that overvalue their PLO hands?

What do you guys think? What about 1 board vs 2 boards?

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