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Live 5 10 20 Blinds 250 BB 3bet pot

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Live 5 10 20 Blinds 250 BB 3bet pot

Effective stacks 5000, There's a mandatory straddle.

The loose recreation player - on the Button raises to 60, I have AdKsJsQh in the BB, I 3 bet pot, he calls.

(500) Flop As 9d 2c I bet 250, he calls.

(1000) Turn 8s. I reach for chips and I'm taking some time, I was about to put out 600, but then I decide to check. The button then says you were about to bet 600, I'll bet 600. I check my hole cards again, and I realize now I have a nut flush draw with a gut shot, also I have a lot of cards that can give me 2 pair.

I take about 2 minutes, and then I decide to pot it.

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