Live 5/10 Barcelona - Advice fish move or brilliant move

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Live 5/10 Barcelona - Advice fish move or brilliant move

Hi was wanting advice on a hand I played against a friend recently in the 5/10 Plo game in Barcelona and wondering if the play was a mistake or optimal, I told him his move extremely fishy and he argued it was a good move:

Were all sitting at around 250 BBs deep, straddled to 20 hand, he reraises 100 from the blind with 3c4c5s7s, very tight player reraises 300 with AsQs9dAd, another guy flat calls with 2d7d2c7h, I flat call with 10hJhKhQs, other blind calls with Ks9s6dKc, and my friend reraises 2000 all in, and pot turns into a 5 handed all in lotto fest.

Is it a better move to just call the 300 on his part? or shove the 2000 - Obviously looking at the cards he is actually in decent equity shape
however I find it extremely fishy as its easy for his cards to be very dominated, and I hardly think he has fold equity even though he argues shoving he can end up playing heads up vs the AAxx hand with the dead money, what do you guys think? Brilliant move or mistake?

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