Live 5/5 PLO Turn decision with Top 2 pair

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Live 5/5 PLO Turn decision with Top 2 pair

Hero (HJ): $1100 Hand: QsJsTh8s
BB: $2000
CO: $1800: Fishy Reg (Plays a little too loose preflop but thinking player)

Recreational player limper. Utg 8 handed. Hero raises in the HJ to $25. CO calls. Btn calls. BB calls and limper calls. 5-way.

Flop: Td 8c 5d ($130)
BB donks $100. Limper folds. Hero calls $100. CO calls. Btn folds.

Turn: 2s ($430)
BB Pots turn for $430. Hero?

The BB is a 32 year old looking black young athletic male in good shape. I've played around 3 orbits with him and he seems a little on the splashy side playing a lot of hands preflop. I know he has a wide range preflop, but after flop and turn, what do you guys range him on in this spot? My guess would be high frequency of sets, 2p with NFD, 2p with straight draw, OESFD's, maybe some naked 2 pairs, maybe some top pair+NFD? Feel like my 2p is ahead of the CO and think I am rarely behind his hand. What do you guys think about this spot?

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