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Live 9-haded PLO theory, is this the right way to go?

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Live 9-haded PLO theory, is this the right way to go?

Hello there fellow members!
I have been grinding live plo 9-handed 2.5-2.5 euro for about 6 months but quit it 2 months ago since I hit a downswing for about 40 buy in's. Since it demoralized me I took a break from the game and got back to holdem for a while. I had been running quite bad during this time since but I also played mnuch worse then average at the end because off emotional factors.(I have some tilt-issues but they have EMPROVED alot from constant training)

What I had learnt from this time at the live plo tables are the following:
-DONT EVER BOTHER to isolate since IF one off the fishes calls the rest will follow.
-Rundowns UNLESS they are very high should not be 3-bet at all since people refuse to fold, It's kinda rare for you to see a flow less then 3-4 people even after a juicy 3-bet.
-Jamming with high pocket pairs with dead-money creates shitload off variance since the pot will be 3-way. 4-5 way is very common aswell.

My approach to the game at that time was buy in for 100 bb's (I follow strict BR-Rules where I usually try to have atleast 100 buy ins for what I usually buy in for). Most off the time I watited for AAxx limped then go 30%+ off my stack in. Problem was if you kept loosing these situations all the time it's kinda hard emotionally to go on a 10-15 all-in loss stretch for me.

These last couple off weeks I have been taking sporacid shots at the game again but with a quite different strategy. I try to limp-call like 80-90% off all my hands regarding off position. For example I have KK52s on the BTN with 100 bb's. Somebody raises I call then the blidns 3-bet and after the rest calls so do I. Before i ALWAYS jammed here(ofc I did NOT if I suspected somebody had AAxx). The reason for this is I always got 3-4 callers preflop even when they are SUPPOSED to fold... so I have like 25-30 in a 4 way pot... Sure the deadmoney is nice but you can keep loosing these for a VERY LONG time before the equity catches back.

What I have realized is that people are SO bad live that they WILL call off quite horribly even when it's obviues what u have. Sure I do sacrefice 12-20 bb's if I just fold to a missed flop but I am seriusly starting to doubt how much EV I actually loose in the long run by aovoiding all these 25-30% 4 way all in situations. If I flop a gutter + fd with a overpair my Equity is quite often around 40-60% which is MUCH better then 25-30...

I think you could do the same with AAxx aswell. IF I dont have to invest more then lets say 15% off my stack I JUST call every time with them so I can see the flop and THEN take the decision. Maybe the sweet spot can go somewhere in 15-25% where after 20+ u always POT and below its a situation dependent. I also think this will help me transit to 200 bb's+ buy in since there is WHERE I am heading anyway. Sure the flop decision with 80 bb's is kinda push/fold but stull its quite different then to blindly jam it IN preflop.

Ok guys have anybody off you tried a similiar approach as I am thinking here at the live games. Yes I know its much better to play deep but I am not very good at that yet and also my bankroll does not support 200 bb's buy in's at the moment. Simply put I just limp-call with ALMOST my whole range to see a flop which will ANYWAY go 5-way and isntead off investing 30-100 bb's I try to do it with 4-12. The only downside I can see is that It can cause me to bleed chips although I still think its much cheaper then going on a 3-buy in drop where I got it in ''right'' with 5% more equity but still lost all off them?

The strategy can seem like I am playing with scared money or trying to avoid variance which I absolutely DON'T. I have a roll and I dont mind getting it in WHEN it is required I am just tired of the absurdly huge variance that it creates and since it will affect me mentally less I should also be playing better and therefore profit more from that.

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