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Live Game/MTT PLO Coaching

With the extra time during quarantine and the stable for RIO poker I spent some time coaching a couple players I knew who had requested it and a few guys from the stable. I enjoyed it more than expected and the feedback has been extremely positive so I'm going to open it up a bit more publicly. While I can and do offer general coaching there is so much great content out there for this I'd prefer to focus more on a few specific areas: PLO MTT's and Live or private app games where you get 3-4 players (or even more) to most flops. These are the area's I see the most questions on, the least quality information available, and the most room for improvement by players. I have coached a couple guys this summer for their private games to great success and I have found a lot of players simply don't understand fully how they should be adjusting their game exploitatively based on the type of game it is. I will work with you on designing a strategy and game plan suited to your game to maximize profit.

My rates are $150 for a single 1hr session for $500 for 4 session booked upfront.

I'm also currently offering a 1 session leak finder/HH review session similar to what I've been doing for certain stable members for $100. I've done this for people playing as low as PLO10 and think getting a second set of eyes on your HH's can be immensely useful. Many players don't even realize how many spots they think are standard are actually leaking EV consistently.

Recent MTT credentials:Cashed 5/10 WSOP PLO events played in the last 18 months including ft of the $25K plo, 32/456 in the $2,500 PLO on GG, 2 time winner and 3 cashes out of 9 entries in the $2,500 ACR PLO High Roller. (Also won a $10k bracelet not in PLO...I don't think this is relevant but can't hurt). I also have 2 legends of PLO who buy my action at 1.15-1.25 depending on fields if/when I'm looking to sell in certain high roller events like Poker Masters, so at least they must think I'm decent.

For cash I play mostly in private games but for what I could track on ACR I posted below. Won 180bb's/100 (Not a typo, but the game was almost always straddled and buy-in was 300bb's) over 4,500 hands in a private game before kicked from group. $75/hr winner at 5-10 live (only public game that consistently runs year round). Somewhat infamously won 21 straight sessions at 100-200 PLO during the 2019 WSOP cash games at Bellagio.

Understand many of you will only want internet crusher who posts 500k hand graphs and 10,000 mtt's etc and will rip this for being no evidence I'm a good player. That's ok, you can find the guy who's a fit for you. Mostly doing this because the feedback from students so far has been so incredibly positive and I've enjoyed it.

A few testimonials:

NutRaisin, pro PLO streamer: "Thallo's coaching session was the most valuable thing that I can remember happening to my PLO game. More valuable than an entire year of watching training videos"

Semi-pro livegame player: "After a strategy session with Thallo about my soft live games I realized concepts I had never even thought of. I'm not a pro but he explains strategy in a way even a noob like me can grasp easily and I saw immediately improvement"

PLO 50 Stable Player: "The leakfinder session was the best hour of poker I have spent in years. So many spots I never would have thought to review that I was leaking EV. Thallo tuned up my game in a short amount of time and gave me concepts to improve on in the future"

Dm me here or on twitter if interested.

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