live hand 5/10/25

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live hand 5/10/25

In the 25 straddle with 4k.

Button is a tightish reg pro but isn't much of a plo player. He's not tricky. Straightforward. 

HJ opens to 75. button calls. I call bb with AKK2ss. 

Flop jh 7s 4c. (all 4k eff) pot = $240

The original raiser is an oldish guy who plays fit or fold against me post but spewy pre. 

I decide to lead 175. i would check fold this hand sometimes. check call sometimes. If neither player has a flop raising range other than JJxx.. Thoughts on leading and how it fits into our range post? 

button calls. pot  $600 Turn 2 c

He's never folding the turn and i don't think he has a turn raising range in this spot. other than a slowplayed JJxx.  I haven't ran any numbers but pretty sure i have greater than 50% eq vs his range but not sure. 

I bet 600. thoughts? And at this point what Rivers are u betting? I don't see him ever turning anything into a bluff vs me. He definitely thinks i'm capable and would expect him to look me up light some. 

Hand - going to the river 

$1800 Jh 7s 4c ..... 2c 

Our hand is AKK2ss (Have the Kc as well) 


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