Live, how much should tells influence Turn and River play?

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Live, how much should tells influence Turn and River play?

9-handed sb-bb-straddle game, Eff stacks are based on Straddle.
Eff stacks 200 bb's

Hero(HJ) Tag-image 3x with AA94dhds, CO, BU,SB and ST calls.

Flop: JJ3dsd(5-way 15 bb's) checked around.
Turn: 5h, sb check, ST Potts, Hero?

Villian is playing solid, and seems to have moves.We played a hand before where
he had Jxxx on JJ8J2, He bet small OTF and OTT then potted the river. Showed
quads when I tank folded to pott. He acted very differently in that Spot BUT it was 3-way,
he was IP and had the nuts on the turn.

Thing is he bet quite ''hard'' with his body. Then again he might have JT76 and is just happy taking it down.
The players Behind me and sb are all quite passive. So if they have Jxxx they bet flop most likely.
He knows he can have it and bets it like that. BUT my GUT is telling me differently.

Problem arise if I call, The river bricks/diamond and he potts I really have to see how he acts when the card
arrives, and how he BETS. And even that might not be enough to make my call EV+.

From a poker stand-point, Its 5-way and dude just pots he has Jxxx PERIOD. But WHAT IF?

I could bet the flop but I do have some EQ in 5-way pot and if sb/st are x/r Jxxx I hate to bet-fold.

Sorry long post, but it seems not so easy to explain tell related spots that I know of :).

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