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Live PLO question

I play live 2/5 PLO have a winrate of 11bb/hour over 700 hours.
I always start with 500 and What I have experienced in all these hours is that
its way more easier to spin up the stack from 500 to 1500-2000 but winning anything beyond
that is very extremely difficult. I cannot remember many sessions when I won 1500 in the first
1-3 hours, continued playing since I have an edge in the game and ended up winning even more
but it routinely happens that I have won 1500, continued playing and ended the session either breaking even
or even negative few hours later.

So I have come to conclusion my winrate at a certain point in the game depends on my stack size.
i.e. with a stack size of 500 its best and it gets worse as my stack size increases eventually
reaching a point where I have very minimal edge in the game.

Either above is true or this is my fallacy. If its true, the following could be happening

With deeper effective stacks, its becomes harder to realize equity in some situations
An average player makes much bigger mistakes in 100bb effective stack situation than the one in 400bb effective stack
When I sit down with 100bb, most players at the table are covering me and its much easier to find a plus EV
spot to get the whole stack in, such as with AAxx

So I just wanted to get opinions if there is any truth to above or I am just fantasizing :) I aware it could be possible that I biased because of my recent results but I routinely experience this and thats why deciding to post it here.


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