Live PLO short handed - Bluff okay here?

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Live PLO short handed - Bluff okay here?

1-2-5 Live PLO 9 handed (playing 6 handed because of people walking)

Straddle 10

Tight UTG (1500) raise, I call (1300) AsKcJc10h, and straddle (300) calls.

UTG is very tight, and I don't want to have to fold vs a 4bet here, so I think flatting is the right play.

Flop 8s5c3c.

Check, Check, check.

Textbook check back here I think. This is very middle of the road hand and I want to realize equity.

Turn 4h. Straddler checks, UTG bets 60, I raise 250, fold, fold.

The straddler is generally very aggressive and will lead often when he hits his hand. With shorter stacks, I think his leading frequency goes up. He will often try to squeeze the UTG player here to folding out more equity bc theres a big stack behind him. When he checks twice, I think he is basically giving up. Additional info, he was paying 0 attention to the hand and on his phone.

When the UTG checks the flop and bets the turn, I think his range is pretty weak. I think he has 67 very rarely or almost never. Most of his 67xx combos from UTG would have bet the flop. Basically, I think he is capped at A2. He much more likely is just making a stab at this pot with a weakish type hand. This card just isn't very good for his range. I decided to raise because we can have way more 67 and should have a decent amount of fold equity here. We have 0 showdown value, but we can improve to a good flush on the river, if called.

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