LIVE POKER - 5/5 PLO middle set w/blocker facing pot size bet

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LIVE POKER - 5/5 PLO middle set w/blocker facing pot size bet

5/5 PLO

Btn fish - $1k
CO straddle - $1k - First hand at table. Very buff guy around age 38-40. When he looked at his hand, I saw an 8 in it lol.
HJ - Hero - $1.1k - AhQhQsJh

CO straddle, Btn limps, folds to Hero, Hero raises to $40, CO calls, Btn calls

Flop($135): Ks Qd 9h
Hero checks, CO bets pot, Btn folds, Hero calls

Turn($405): 3s
Hero checks, CO bets $405, Hero???

There is $825 left in stacks. Don't know anything about this player. If I didn't have the J blocker, I would be snap folding, but whenever I see a really buff middle age guy, I would think more often than not, he could be going crazy here with a TT98 hand or TT8x hand. I did actually see a black 8 in his hand preflop when he didn't guard his hand. So he could have JT8x here exactly, but I'm wondering if you guys 1) Think I have a hand that is profitable to continue with here for call or shove 2) If we didn't see an 8 in his hand, what would you be doing here?

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