Looking for Footage (Member Reviews)

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Looking for Footage (Member Reviews)

Hey guys,

So I want to make a couple of review vids because I think it's good to be able to pause during live play to discuss interesting spots and because it's always useful to highlight leaks that aren't my own (i.e. if I only look at my game, I'll not focus on spots that perhaps I'm not getting myself into for whatever reason/only focus on the decisions I find tough and not the ones you guys find trickiest).

Specifically, I'm interested in:

2-tabling Zoom PLO, either 25 or 50.
4-tabling regular PLO, preferably 50.
4-tabling regular PLO US-facing network, whatever stakes get decent action (dunno exactly what runs, but 25-100 would be fine - this is pretty much so I can take a look at the games our US members play in which I can't sit at myself as I know there is interest in US network content).

So yeah, if any of you guys would like to provide footage for any of those three categories, let me know in the thread/by PM and we'll see what I can do. Obv I can't promise to review everyone (no idea how much interest there will be) and if I'm forced to choose, I'll do so on community activity and if we spoke last time I asked for submissions (I know a couple of people were interested who I couldn't help out at the time so if you're still game, you get priority as I promised back then).

Hopefully we can get something sorted!

Thanks guys,


Edit on 01/07/2014: I have now received sufficient interest that I'm no longer looking for footage from members I haven't already discussed this with.

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