Losing money in 3bet pots

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Losing money in 3bet pots

So I played about 45k Hands now since restart and I am down 50 stack EV and Net.
I had alook where most of the money is lost and I realized it is in 3bet pots:

Did 3bet=True -> -3evbb/100 (1128h)
Call 3b IP -> -324evbb/100 (562h)
Call 3b OOP -> -175evbb/100 (341h)

No I think the last stat is ok according to lechrumski video 'complete stats guide' but I really cant imagine the first stats are ok. Therefore I assume a leak and wanted to consume more content to 3bet pots but somehow in essential plan there is no video about 3bet pot in general (plo6max) ???

Looking for content for 3bet pots

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