Mandatory minimum VPIP games strategy?

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Mandatory minimum VPIP games strategy?

I am playing on a poker app that runs some games with a mandatory minimum vpip.

If you don't meet the minimum VPIP in the first 10 or 15 hands depending on the game you will be removed from the table.

The games are all 6max.

NLH has 3/6 and 5/10 with a mandatory 25% minimum vpip.

PLO has 1/2 with a 40% min vpip,
2/4 with a $4 ante and a 70% min vpip, and
5/10 with a 40% min vpip.

PLO 5 card has games with 35% and 50% min vpip.

PLO 6 card has games with 70% min vpip.

What is a good strategy for these games? Are these games going to be more profitable than a normal game with no minimum vpip or will good players have less of an edge? Is there much skill to 6 card with a 70% min vpip except to wait for the nuts?

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