Microstakes PLO Study Group

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Microstakes PLO Study Group

Hi guys,

As the tittle of this post reads, I'm looking for people that play microstakes PLO. My main game is 6 max but I mess around with zoom also.

The stakes I mainly play are PLO2 and PLO5.

If anyone is interested let me know :)


Edit 1: Hi guys, before I say anything let me thank you for the immense amount of replies and people willing to get together and improve as poker players. It was my first post in any kind of poker forum of anykind and wasn't very sure of what to expect. However, all of you replying and showing interest really make me feel like it was worth to give it a shot.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to keep up with all the new request and all the new people trying to contact me. It has gotten to a point were I'm going to do 2 groups of study. Since having 1 group of 10+ people seem too much. Just my POV on that matter.

If you are reading this after Edit 1 and are interested in a study group, I highly encourage you to try and make a post yourself. I have absolutely no doubt that u will get a response by someone else interested.

Thanks once again for all the interest.


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