Monker Postflop Solves

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Monker Postflop Solves

I'm starting to study PLO now and I'm curious if there's anywhere (or I guess anyone on here who wants to make a deal) that I can buy a bunch of pre-done Monker postflop sims. I don' need preflop solves, it's fine if they're using like poker juice ranges or w/e as the starting place.

Like, I have a huge collection of PIO postflop sims on my computer that I go back to all the time to help me study (and I like to run data analysis on them -- if you've ever seen my blog you can see some types of things I do over multiple files, but I haven't updated that in a long time. I'd like to do something similar with PLO solves). I'd like to have a similar collection for PLO (constructing such a thing will be laborious for me, given my current computer situation as well).

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