Most epic hand in the Galfond Challenge, LFGPG

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Most epic hand in the Galfond Challenge, LFGPG

The all-out battle at 6:10:11

Phil opens pot from btn, Veni calls. 4cJd9d flop, Veni checks, Phil bets pot, Veni calls, turn 4d Phil bets half pot, Veni calls, river Ts Veni checks, Phil pots and Veni calls. Phil had QsTcTd8d
Vision has the similar JT4 board but suited to the 2 lower cards so if we want the lowest card to be paired on the turn we need to choose a non-flush turn and we can make the flush happen on the river (thanks to a new feature in Vision). So I chose the offsuit 4 for turn and flushing 9 for river, and Q998 for Phil.
On JT4ss solver bets 43% of the times with 70% sizing, Q998 with fd bets with 955 freq (Phil pots with middle pair but huge huge draw). OOP facing a 70% sized bet overall folds 45%, calls 44% and raises 11% with 66% sizing (if Veni had T4 that is calling 86% and raising only with nfd).
On the non-flushing 4 turn oop checks 95% and ip bets half 31% and pots 10% (Q998 is 100% cback here). Oop facing a half pot bet on the turn is calling 53% overall and raising 9% (T4 calling 95%).
On the flushing 9 river if oop has a ¼ and a pot sized leading range, oop leads 89% with ¼ sizing and checks 10% (T4 bets 88% with ¼ sizing, checks 11%). After facing a check ip cbacks overall 49%, bets half pot 33% and pots 18% (Q998 pots 80% and bets half 19%). Overall OOP calls 49% and folds 51%. A fh is folding here 0%, and on top Phil also had to bet all of his air as this was the all-out hand. GG

Bonus notgonnacheckinvisionhand: Phil folds nut flush on turn Yolo:))

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