My Newest Book: HUPLO: The Definitive Guide

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My Newest Book: HUPLO: The Definitive Guide

Hi Guys, I’m excited to announce the release of my newest book for serious PLO players:

This book is the culmination of years of my own study and play, the process of taking a few of my students from little PLO knowledge to winning at high stakes, and even training two players who play up to 50-100 on Pokerstars (one of those players even wrote the foreword to this book! Thanks TomsOn!).

From the beginning of my HUPLO journey, I took a first principles approach, striving to understand the deepest truths of the game while crafting a strategy that would be difficult for my opponents to meet. To do this, I created preflop charts for every stack size (yes, even the dreaded 12.5bb stack) and a database of over 2000 of the strategy graphs which cover every single line and every stack size in HUPLO. This book is the synthesis of all that knowledge.

In it, you’ll find preflop range charts demonstrating optimal play across multiple stack sizes, exploitive deviations, and learn how to select your stack size to exploit opponent tendencies and beat even the best players in the world. You’ll see hundreds of my custom made strategy graphs illustrating optimal play and exploitive deviations across every branch of the game tree, even those overlooked branches like x/x/b or river play after check raising the flop. You’ll learn timeless range construction heuristics that will change the way you think about HUPLO, PLO as a whole, and even big bet poker in general. You’ll learn how to prepare exploits and counter exploits ahead of time so that you can anticipate your opponent’s deviations and counter them immediately. You’ll also learn soft skills like how to study multiple spots simultaneously in order to maximize learning efficiency and how to quickly spot and avoid bots (which is sadly an important skill in today’s games).

This is all the knowledge I have about this game. It has already served me and my students well. I know it will do the same for you.

Find the book at

Below are links to my podcast interview with Runchuks where we discuss the book and many other things:

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