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New Blog

Hey guys,

Some of you RIO long time members might remember me, I used to post on here fairly actively about two years ago, and had a blog about my progression. I kind of gave up on that, but long story short I've had three private coaches, been a member of pretty much every training site, and I'm now a full time PLO pro, grinding mostly 50z for a living. It pretty much all started here, so I'd like to give something back by starting a new blog, with a slightly different format. I think the whole "hey guys +- x bi today" has been done to death, so I'd like to mostly discuss topics that a new microstakes player would benefit from, such as;

  • Do we care about balance at the micros? (in a bit more detail than the usual answer)
  • How having 24 straight winning sessions at 25z killed my mental game to the point I nearly quit poker, and the general mental game considerations of moving up stakes
  • The importance of being extremely picky with your sources of information
  • Are microstakes beatable? Does it make sense for you to try?
  • What adjustments we make for high rake environments, and why
  • How starting a discord group led to me playing golf with JNandez in Vegas
  • Why discussing individual hand histories as a method of study is mostly a big waste of time

I'll probably try and keep the posts short and to the point so if there's any preference of topic to see first let me know. Alternatively if there's anything else you guys wanna hear let me know there too! I'll likely post a graph once every 100k hands or so in there too just to keep things transparent. I'm by no means a crusher but I think I have a solid understanding of some fundamental concepts that a new player could hopefully benefit from. First post will likely be after the holidays.

Thanks guys!


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