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new member, first post - Hand from live game, AA turned nut FD (550bb)

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new member, first post - Hand from live game, AA turned nut FD (550bb)

5-5 game (deep)

utg+1 raises to 20 (10k)
2 callers
Hero - Button - make sit 120 (2800)

everyone calls 4 players

*Hero - AAq5hh (ace suited)*

Flop Qs 6d 3h

Utg +1 leads for 400

All fold to me, I call

Turn Jh - pick up FD

Utg+1 leads for 1k.

Hero ? 2300ish remaining stack.

non really. some kid - dont think professional, sitting really deep. my image is very tight, so he probably puts me on aces.

I have the Q blocker to top set and QJ. so im very confused here. unless he has a random 66 or 33 which is very unlikely. i cant see how im beat. If i call, i dont see what rivers i can safely fold with only 1k remaining. its basically a 420 bb decision here without many reads and likely wont be crushing him with whatever combo draw he shows up with in best case(the bets were fairly quick, dont think its a stone cold bluff lead into 3 players, so no fold equity on a shove) If i knew this person was capable of bluffing or playing draws aggressively i perhaps would lean towards calling/shoving, but given that i knew nothing about him i opted to fold. what do you think?

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