Newer plo player. Was this the right play?

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Newer plo player. Was this the right play?

I was playing at harrahs lastnight in a 5/5/10 plo game 9 handed I wake up in the cut off with AA107 double suites Hearts and diamonds . It is limped around. I raise to 35 I have about 790 effective .. 2 callers so the pot is around $190. One of them which is setting on about 2,500. He is setting in the bb which has K1063 all spades and one heart. The flop comes the 10skd5d giving bb 2 pair me with an over pair and the nut flush draw .. he ends up betting full pot.. I 3bet him to about 490 to try and get him off some 2 pair hands and lower flush draw.. he Jams it in .. I was in the tank for a minute figured I had minimum 50% equity he has been playing wild all night .. so my question would be pre flop and on the flop should I have isolated bigger and is it a good idea to just rip it in against my opponent on the flop like that? This is my first forum post so sorry if it wasn't worded very well . Thanks for your input guys

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