OOP 1.6 SPR river spot in 381BB deep ring game

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OOP 1.6 SPR river spot in 381BB deep ring game

I believe play was 7-handed. Deep-stacked Villain raised to 3.5BB from HJ, and CO called with 80BB stack. Hero called in the BB with a 381BB stack, for an 11 BB pot.

Flop came Td7h4c. HJ cbet for 5.5BB, CO called, and Hero check-raised to 23BB. HJ called and CO folded, leading to a 62.5BB pot.

Turn came Kd. Hero bet pot and got called, leading to a 187.5BB pot, and effective stacks behind of 292BB, for an SPR of 1.56.

River came the Jc.

I can say my hand, but I'm hoping to deeply understand how to play this this river spot with my entire range, so I'll leave that out for now.

So here are some questions I am pondering. What is the % breakdown of Hero's range? I.e., what % is AQ, what % is Q9, what % is 98, what % is a set, and what % is worse than set? What are the corresponding numbers for Villain's range? What are viable methodologies/tools one can use to estimate this? If we input those ranges into a solver, what does the solver output for Hero's bet-call, bet-fold, check-fold, check-call, and check-raise ranges?

I'm hoping that the low SPR on the river along with the relatively constrained hand ranges given the board and actions will allow for a rigorous analysis here.

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