OOP iN 3 bet pot

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OOP iN 3 bet pot

What would you say should be the general strategy when 3 betting heads up with a hand like kk or qq then dealing with a board like 883 with a flush draw or 779 rainbow. Do you c bet 1/3 pot with entire range, or do we check call flop then evaluate turn. My opponent was a guy who raises about 75% preflop, never folds to 3 bets, folds to flop and turn c bets 37 and 38 percent, and he stabs flop and turn 50 and 57%. In both situations I checked the flop, on the 883 flush draw board, I check called the flop, then on the turn the opponent potted into me so I shoved. We started with 140 bb in this example, he bet under 2/3 pot on flop then potted turn so I shoved thinking he had the flush draw

In the other example the 779 rainbow board, I checked, opponent bet 2/3 pot, we started at 84bb so I check raised him thinking hes stabbing too often. What would be the correct plays in these 2 instances given the fact he doesnt fold much on the flop and turn and he stabs often. He folds 83% on the river after triple barrel, raises flop 21% and he follows his bet vs missed bets with a 50% river shove

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