Open sizing to exploit preflop passiveness.

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Open sizing to exploit preflop passiveness.


I was just playing 3 handed with two guys w/ relatively standard stats that you can expect from tight players or possibly shot takers (25/15, 28/17, etc), standard aggression numbers on each street, except they had ridiculously low 3bet % even for that kind of player.

I'm talking between 0 and 3.

Then I thought well surely there's some way to capitalize on that and switch my game up to fit them better.

For this example we had about 100bbs.

Obviously we should open near 100% button and very high % from the sb if they dont frustrate us by 3betting our junk but I'm not sure about the sizing we should use in these kind of situation.

Does it mean we should 3.5x every time from the button? Of course this situation is very precise but I'd be interested in your thoughts in similar situations with full tables and how you can change your standard sizing. Also what about passive shorter stacks? Or deeper? Is it just really a case that you can safely steal a ton preflop and that's that?

I get the idea of not putting too much preflop against passive fish to keep them in and slam them when you decide its a good spot but these guys weren't easy targets or played bad postflop, they just clearly had way too low 3bet %.

Thanks, and love the site so far.

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