overpair on drawy paired board 3way, SPR1

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overpair on drawy paired board 3way, SPR1

PLO100, all 100bb

Hero - BU - AcAd4c5h

UTG raises to 3.5bb, call, Hero raises to 15bb, fold, BB call, UTG call, fold

Flop (50b) 8s 8d Ts

check, check, Hero ? (85bb left)

Classic spot but I never know what to do on those fcking pairy boards and on those spots.

UTG is a fish aggro opraising 100%, and BB reg

3bet std, and flotp I don't know

i'm burning my money to 8xxx.
UTG can have lots of hands.
BB is more tight, better to have a 8xx flop than a JJx flop for sure, but he can have some 8xxx to sometimes (middle rundowns)

In an other way, this flop is very drawy and i need protection too.
But just pushing <10% equity vs those 8xxx.

HU with this SPR would a push ?
3way, just fucking check and give up (except hitting K letter)?

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