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[PL10] - Impulsive R bluff, not sure

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[PL10] - Impulsive R bluff, not sure

Villain 37/18 4% 3b.

P:might be a bit loosish, CO doesn't 3b too much, BB overfolds to steal a bunch
F: std call with nfd
T: his T x range probably consists of some air but mostly of top pair AA kind of hands. I think I should bet probably halfpot here and set up river shove on certain runouts that overall favour my range or improve my hand. In game I obv fail to do so.
R: I am very low in my range, I think villain would bet his trips by now. I choose large sizing but in retrospect that makes little sense. I think halfpot to 2/3 should do.

-Would bet ott and like I said shove on decent rivers be an optimal line here?
-As played is there merit to try to bluff villain off AA here?

Overall I think I butchered this hand as well as I could :P

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