PL100z spot

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PL100z spot

Blinds: $0.50/$1.00 (6 Players) BN: $99.76
SB: $215.64
BB: $319.43
UTG: $103.62 (Hero)
MP: $273.38
CO: $74.00
Preflop ($1.50) Hero is UTG with J 7 A 9
Hero raises to $3.50, MP folds, CO calls $3.50, 3 folds
With table on the nittier side I'm confident about this open. CO is rather decent and I dont expect him to show up with 9983ds or QT96ss.
Flop ($8.50) K T 9
Hero bets $6.02, CO calls $6.02
Having little to no showdown equity, a strong draw and a flop, that is good for our range, I feel this is a mandatory bet. It might be as good for our opponent's range, but both x/calling or x/jamming seem to be inferior choices (villain not known to stab light).
Turn ($20.54) K T 9 A

This turn spot is a real mystery to me. All 3 options (b/c x/c & x/jam) make me feel uneasy. Any opinion is welcome. I'll assume we can take most of QJ out of this players flop calling range, so then there are sets, any 2P+, and pair+GS+FD types of hands. But I have hard time figuring how to play this spot against that range. Thanks!

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