PL200 - AA 4bet pot 3way - SPR 0.5 - Bad Flop texture

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PL200 - AA 4bet pot 3way - SPR 0.5 - Bad Flop texture

Blinds: $1.00/$2.00 (5 Players) CO: $212.67
BN: $200.00
SB: $268.68 (Hero)
BB: $68.91
UTG: $103.61
Preflop ($3.00) Hero is SB with 6 A A 4
UTG calls $2.00, CO raises to $9.00, BN raises to $24.00, Hero raises to $85.00, BB folds, UTG folds, CO calls $76.00, BN calls $61.00
Flop ($259.00) 6 7 8

Hi guys!

I'd like feedback on this hand.

I made a quick PJ simulation here to determine how much of each player's 4bet calling range includes a range that stacks off at this spr (any pair + OESD, 2 pairs, sets and straights) : they both have it 33% of the time, so 66% of the time combined one of them has me crushed and I have 19% equity.

[Edit] After using the PJ 3way module and inputing the parameters below, it seems that this shove is +EV :

As a general question, should we always stack off with AA at SPR = 0.5 or are there flop textures where we should fold?

Thanks a lot for your feedback!


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