PLO 2k river bluff spot with str8 flush blocker

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PLO 2k river bluff spot with str8 flush blocker

BB: $0
UTG: $2000.73
LJ: $5862.17
HJ: $8080.96
CO: $4839.97
BN: $4086.23
SB: $5451.75
Preflop ($30.00) (6 Players)
BB folds $8, LJ folds, HJ folds, CO folds, BN folds, SB raises to $84, UTG calls $64
Flop ($186.00) 9 T J (1 Players)
SB checks, UTG bets $138, SB calls $138
Turn ($462.00) 9 T J J (1 Players)
SB checks, UTG checks
River ($462.00) 9 T J J K (1 Players)
SB bets $344.10, UTG raises to $1211, SB folds
Final Pot
UTG wins $1153.20

I am the BB not UTG. So its BvB

Villain is Deldar and is very very tight from the SB compaired to the playerpool so I choosed to just call.
Flop and turn is standard imo. Interesting OTR. 

He reps only boats by betting himselve and sometimes the Nut flush. I think I have the best possible blocker hand turning my hand into a Bluff, but by raising I only rep boats KJ+ and all str8 flushes. The question is, do I xb str8 flushes OTT (or at least sometimes or should I?). Ingame I thought it's a nobrainer bluff, but now it feels quite bad because I think I would bet all my str8 flushes OTT because it should realy hit his c/c range, so I would always go for value.

What do you think, this price is still right, because he is supposed to fold so frequently?

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