PLO 5/10 Playing with weak range vs potting Cobus83

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PLO 5/10 Playing with weak range vs potting Cobus83

Blinds: $5.00/$10.00 (5 Players) BB: Cobus83: $1543.89
UTG: gavz101: $5316.01
CO: Necromadx: $673.90 (Hero)
BN: BlackFortuna: $855.54
SB: k14scr: $446.31
Preflop ($15.00) Necromadx is CO with T J 6 K
gavz101 folds, Necromadx raises to $30.00, 2 folds, Cobus83 calls $20.00
I am gonna breakdown ranges for both players in PJ and post screenshots below.

I open from the CO about 30% of hands, this hand is in top 30% so my open is standard I would say. I gave my opponent 70% defending range minus 10% 3betting range, which I think might be reasonable.
Flop ($65.00) J 5 7
Cobus83 checks, Necromadx checks
On the flop I think very standard check from me given my hand, I dont think I have high frequency bet here. From his perspective I dont think he is gonna lead super often, so for simplicity I gave him 100% check, what do you think about that, what hands if any should he be leading?
Turn ($65.00) J 5 7 8
Cobus83 bets $62.08, Necromadx calls $62.08
On the turn with a top pair and a gutter plus I can possibly bluff some river cards or hit two pair I decided to call which I think is okay even tho he bets pretty big. I think that is reasonable to not have a raising range there being in position and just let my opponent hang himself with his bluffs.
I think that he is going to bet a lot there since my range is so weak, so any hand that has a blocker to the straight is a bet, probably any flushdraw and a nut + second nut flushdraw blocker and J+ for protection probably.
River ($189.16) J 5 7 8 4
Cobus83 bets $186.16, Necromadx folds
On the river with my exact hand as crazy as it might sound, I think it might not be a terrible idea to start calling if we think he is polarized towards having bluffs and straights, BUT when he starts value betting J8+ ( which he probably should once I start calling those hands ) then it becomes pretty bad call. On the other hand I have excellent blockers to his straights so why not bluff raise to balance our T9 value combos?
Final Pot Cobus83 wins $186.16
Rake is $3.00

My range breakdown:

On the river with ranges I assigned for myself I have the nuts 7.73% of the time and I probably would like to raise that therefore I want have some bluffs in my range aswell, so then my hand makes perfect sense as a bluff right? It folds out his bluffs and it might fold out his thin value bets and he is in a very tough spot with his lower straight. Or what other hands would you choose to bluff there and what hands would you bluffcatch?

Cobus range breakdown:

Like I mentioned above, on the turn I think he is going to bet very wide and very big because of my weakish range. And I think he is going to followup on that river, that looks so scary from my perspective, almost always ( he might give up with hands like naked Ad or Kd or something like that ). I think that he is going to bet any 6,9 or a T that doesnt have a showdown value on the river and then in my opinion he could go for value bet as thin as J8+. Also do you think that he has check raising range there? Rather is he ever checking on the river?

What do you think about ranges I constructed for myself and cobus?

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