PLO Coaching Update 2019

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PLO Coaching Update 2019

Hey guys,

I wanted to update you all on some new stuff I'm working on and some changes coming up.

Starting April 1st my rates will increase as follows:

Current rates:
$85/hr for 5-9 hours up front
$75/hr for 10+ hours up front

New rates as of April 1st:
$125/hr for 5-9 hours up front
$115/hr for 10+ hours up front

There are a couple of reasons for the increase. The first is simply demand; The roster is approaching capacity and I'm looking for only the most interested and determined players to work with. The second and most important reason to me is that I am doing a lot more solver work now and by using that along with some other software I am diving deeper into hands and spots than ever before and that often takes more time. It takes more time, but I believe the quality of my analysis has increased and the new rates reflect that. So, contact me before April 1st if you want to take advantage of the current rates!

The second part of this post is what I am most excited about.

Starting in early April I will make available a new method of coaching that tackles some common postflop spots in great depth. For example, one spot in particular that I have dug into is the BTN vs CO 3B dynamic. I have dug deep into roughly 10 different types of flop textures and look at the flop decisions from both positions' perspectives. I have illustrated these findings in a very easy to understand manner that focuses on simplifying strategies in order to best construct your ranges in the most efficient way. The best part about this method is that it involves instant learning at your convenience. This method will be separate from my aforementioned new rates involving session reviews and any other type of hourly based coaching. If you are interested in learning more feel free to contact me via PM or via email at [email protected]

If you are possibly newer to Run It Once or haven't heard of me before, then check out the following link to one of my old coaching posts where there are some reviews from players I have worked with.

I appreciate you guys within this community and look forward to hearing from some of you soon!

Thank you,


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