PLO kills me

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PLO kills me

Hey folks.

First things first, since this is rather a general PLO thread than an actual question, pardon me if that's the wrong subsection.

A few cliff notes about me. Started poker in early 2000's. Grinded somewhat well. Scored 3rd in Sunday Mill in 2009 and some low stakes tournies. Played live Poker with rather break even results. Took years of a break and went back to the casinos with better adjustment and do quite well so far.

I decided to tackle PLO online because the tournaments are too time consuming. I don't like being stuck in tournaments for 8 hours or more and also, of course, Omaha is fun (or so I thought). I took a swing at Omaha a couple of times always with poor results.

Lately I did study it somewhat ambitiously. Watched a a lot of videos and read strategy sections and I was under the impression that I got a good basic understanding of it. As it turns out, I don't.

I pretty much lost at every limit PLO50 (lowest hand count), PLO 25 (most) and PLO 10 over a sample size of 100k hands. No matter where I play and no matter how. I got punched in the face. I tried to play tight and basically position heavy. No matter how I went about it. The best I achieved was break even sessions. Usually the graph just knows one direction: sightly downhill.

I am running somewhat heavy under EV too. I lost 3.2k $ on those limits I mentioned and out of that, 600$ under EV. This whole thing bugs me so much, that I am considering quitting Poker all together. I figured, if I can't beat PLO 10/ PLO 25 what's the point of trying it on any game. Don't get me wrong. I don't expect to crush high limits right away. I'm not even trying. My goal was to run somewhat decent (lower spectrum bb/100) on the low stakes but this seems like a pipe dream already. I'm willing to give it another shot however approaching it all theoretically (studying) and not practically (playing) because I really want it. However I don't know where to begin except reading and watching everything I have so far.

Do you guys have any advice how to go about it?


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