PLO range analysis resources

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PLO range analysis resources

Hey guys,

In NLHE, we have Pokerstove which allows us to visualize preflop hand ranges and calculate flop equities vs. certain ranges. We also have Flopzilla, which we can use to find out how hard a given preflop range hits a particular flop. It's also relatively easy to estimate opponent equities in a given spot by assigning them a range through combinations.

I feel like I'm blind in PLO because I'm unable to do these things. To the PLO veterans here, how do you answer the following questions?

- What does a top 20% or 30% or 40% preflop range look like

- Given that we know our opponent's approximate preflop range, how much equity does he have on a given flop

- Say the flop is QQT two tone, how often does a given preflop range hit trips/boat vs. a wrap vs. a FD vs. air

- How can we incorporate relevant blockers in our hand to the above calculations

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