PLO100: Top set OOP MW, ~300bb deep

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PLO100: Top set OOP MW, ~300bb deep

Blinds: $0.50/$1.00 (5 Players) UTG: $132.11
CO: $290.26
BN: $291.99
SB: $308.18
BB: $327.78 (Hero)
BTN is kind of a weird player. 74/33 but only a 4.2% 3bet, and their postflop AGG% starts fairly low and falls street by street: 21%, 19%, 14%.

UTG is very loose-passive in general, though their river agg% is oddly high. I wouldn't necessarily read too much into it, but it's interesting.

CO is one of the most competent players in the pool: TAG stats and no major leaks I'm aware of.
Preflop ($1.50) Hero is BB with K A K 2
UTG calls $1.00, CO raises to $2.75, BN calls $2.75, SB folds, Hero raises to $12.50, UTG calls $11.50, CO calls $9.75, BN calls $9.75
I think this will be a pretty uncontroversial squeeze. If we're not 3betting AKKds as a rule, we're probably not 3betting enough.
Flop ($50.50) K T 6
Hero bets $23.99, UTG calls $23.99, CO folds, BN calls $23.99
Time for the awkwardness to begin. We're hyper-OOP in a 4-way pot with the nuts but a lot of bad runouts.

Our SPR is also all over the place: ~2 vs UTG and 5+ vs CO/BTN.

I don't think checking is really an option: there are too many bad cards that we don't want to come for free. Plus, we still need to build the pot, as—even though plenty of combos are live against us—we're pretty likely to win.

In order to have any modicum of balance, I really don't think I want to bet more than HP here. I'm near the top of my range with this combo, but I want to have other bets as well... and I don't want to overcommit when I'm going to be playing every street OOP and things could go really bad for me a significant amount of the time.
Turn ($122.47) K T 6 7
Hero checks, UTG checks, BN checks
SPR vs UTG is now under 1 and SPR vs BTN is now about 2.

For that reason, I actually don't super love my check. 98xx is an entirely realistic flop call for one of these players, but so are a lot of other things that are worth protecting against. And given the low SPR (especially vs UTG), I think there's some merit in betting here.

I also think checking is okay, but I just regret it a little in retrospect.
River ($122.47) K T 6 7 5
Hero checks, UTG checks, BN bets $119.47
Unfortunately, this river helps a lot of goofy combos that I should have folded out on the turn.

But a lot of flop continues now have low SDV, as well. And they may stab. So... what do you think? (Thoughts on any street are welcome.)

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