PLO300 3B Pot Pre; Tough flop spot?

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PLO300 3B Pot Pre; Tough flop spot?

Blinds: $1.50/$3.00 (6 Players) MP: $300.00
CO: $36.01
BN: $488.57 (Hero)
SB: $152.38
BB: $342.82
UTG: $84.00
Preflop ($4.50) Hero is BN with Q 9 T K
UTG folds, MP raises to $10.50, CO folds, Hero raises to $36.00, SB calls $34.50, BB calls $33.00, MP calls $25.50
Flop ($144.00) K 3 2
SB checks, BB checks, MP bets $105.75

MP is a solid (but not great) reg. I've seen MP get out of line every now and then preflop, but not very often/ever postflop. No stats sorry. SB and BB are towards the fishier side, but don't have a great read on either. I think the MP views me as a solid reg who plays a tad too tight.

Do we just stick it in for ~100bb? I feel like MP has a very strong range with this bet, and am worried about AhKhxx or just the K high flush draw in general. Only have ~20%-25% equity vs AhKh, but feel like folding this in a 3bet pot is just too weak.

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