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PLO4 --> PLO5 preflop adjustments

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PLO4 --> PLO5 preflop adjustments


I recently dove into PLO and have been studying PLO4 preflop ranges. I find myself playing more PLO5 than PLO4 lately at stakes from $1/2 to $3/6. I was wondering what general preflop range adjustments should be made in PLO5?

Are there perfect rundown hands that become better than AAx hands? Like is something like 789TJds superior to AAx? In spots where we get it in pre, compared to getting to flop with a med-high SPR with these two types of hands?

Any other general advice on preflop appreciated. I find myself feeling a little lost with how I should approach Preflop 3bet/4bet spots with AAx hands with 5 holecards. Also double paired hands. The other classes seem fairly intuitive but these ones are giving me some trouble.

If there are any vids you can recommend on this that would be great too!

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