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PLO40 Lost on flop and turn in 4 way SRP

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PLO40 Lost on flop and turn in 4 way SRP

PLO40 6 Players

UTG: $17.48
HJ: $34.10
CO: $83.35
BTN: $15.80
SB: $4.40
BB(Hero): $33.20

UTG fold, HJ call, CO pots to $1.80, BTN calls, SB folds, Hero calls in the BB with Ac6c7c9h.

Flop($7.40): 2c6d9s
Hero checks, HJ checks, CO checks, BTN checks

Turn($7.40): Kc
Hero bets $4.93, HJ folds, CO raises to 9.86, BTN folds, Hero raises to 31.40 and is all in.

This hand was played on PPPoker and the game plays very loose preflop. The only available stat is VPIP the original raisers was 59/%. Preflop I think the call is fine with the suited ace and connected side cards. On the flop is where I struggled. I checked bc I was OOP to everyone and was planning to check raise if someone bet. On the turn I pick up the nut flush draw along with the two pair so I bet and when raised I 3 bet all in. My main question is on the flop should I be leading into 3 opponents? On the turn I think GII is fine but am open to any other suggested lines.

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