PLO50: Toptwo+NFD on KQJ against 5 Opponents

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PLO50: Toptwo+NFD on KQJ against 5 Opponents

Blinds: $0.25/$0.50 (6 Players) UTG: $43.46
MP: $50.00
CO: $115.96
BN: $8.80
SB: $70.08 (Hero)
BB: $81.66
table was super donkey with lots of small raise (like preflop here) and many donkbets. especially CO did donkbet/stabbed a lot of flops
MP (Openraiser): 46/28, was minraising every hand, he decided to open
CO: 84/40 over small sample
EP: 34/12 (dont have any reads)
Preflop ($0.75) Hero is SB with Q 8 K A
UTG calls $0.50, MP raises to $1.00, CO calls $1.00, BN calls $1.00, Hero calls $0.75, BB calls $0.50, UTG calls $0.50
Is it a mistake to not 3bet here, if you anticipate you will be OOP against minimum 3 players? I know this hand is super premium, but my experience in those kind of situations is, that i do not have a profitable spot, because i always have to c/f unimproved or even have to fold on later streets. It is because of the SPR of about 3-5 which i dont like.
Flop ($6.00) Q J K
Hero checks, BB checks, UTG checks, MP checks, CO bets $3.00, BN folds, Hero calls $3.00, BB folds, UTG calls $3.00, MP folds
I could have led the flop here, but against FIVE players i think i will often just get raised by ATxx, the others will fold (which is a shame) and have to stack off flipping. Also because i knew CO was stabbing a lot i checked.

Option to c/r here. Although i dont think CO has ATxx all that often here, i dont think i should raise here. Wanna keep them all in the hand.
Turn ($15.00) Q J K 2
Hero checks, UTG bets $8.41, CO calls $8.41, Hero calls $8.41
Planning on c/c against CO, but suddenly UTG throws in a bet. CO calls, i call (again, dont see a reason to raise here)
River ($40.23) Q J K 2 K
ding, ding, ding! Here is why iam mostly posting the hand. Do you think its a mistake to check here against these donkey players, that proved to throw in random bets all the time? I found it very reasonable UTG checks and CO takes the betting lead again repping exactly a hand like mine (which would be believable imo). I think both of them thought i was super weak and no threat.
Should i just donkbet here? If so, how large?

Would love to hear some opinions from you on this hand.

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