Poker Theory Explained

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Poker Theory Explained

Hey all,

I'm writing a series of articles that might interest some of you. The purpose of the articles is to explain concepts in poker theory in a simple and accessible way. Most concepts will apply to poker in general, but examples will mostly be from holdem and omaha cash. If you ever wondered how to calculate something in poker, this is where you are quite likely to find the answer. The articles will be theory oriented, but using a practical approach, so we can see how the theory translates into what we do at the tables. Some of the topics to be covered are:

-- Expected Value
-- Probability
-- Variance
-- Risk/Reward
-- Combinatorics
-- Ranges
-- Equity distributions
-- Board Textures
-- Blocker Effects
-- Frequencies
-- Strategies
-- Game Theory

Eventually this builds up to a full framework of poker theory, where we understand how the components fit into the big picture. None of these topics are very advanced, although if you haven't been introduced to university level maths before, then some things may come across as magic. I still intend to explain the concepts without assuming a university background though, so please do follow along if you have any interest at all in poker theory, regardless of background.

We're starting out by discussing expected value, and thinking a bit about how it applies to poker.

If you want to see all articles, you can do so here.

Shuffle up and deal!

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