Pretty new to the game!

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Pretty new to the game!

So I've been playing poker for couple years now and been break evenish to winning player(made primarly some beer money). I pretty much only played NLHE MTT's and found them really soft. But now for couple months i have been playing PLO zoom10 and zoom25 and again have been break evenish player. Im really exited of PLO and have been studying it and playing couple hours a day. I have PT4 so that I can track my hands an stats.
I have noticed that ive been losing from Button for about 3bb/100, I have only 40k hands so might be that but i still am pretty sure that i have some kind of a big leak in my button play. I know that i have to play quite loose from button, my VPIP is 38% from button that doesnt sound so loose to me?
Other point is my play from big blind, i know that I will lose from button but i have -59bb/100 and that sounds so big, i think that good rate should be around -25bb/100 or so. My VPIP from BB is 37%, so i thinks i might be defending too wide?

My all around stats are
VPIP 23,4
PFR 17,03
3BET PF 7,33
4BET+ PF 7,58
Call PF 3BET 34,32
PF Squeeze 5,89
WTSD% 32,48
WSD 52,39
WWSF 42,7
CBet F 42,18
Total AF 2.37

It would be great if someone can spot some stats here that might be off. All help is appreciated!

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