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QQ Top set C/r and Bad turn card 50 PLO

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QQ Top set C/r and Bad turn card 50 PLO

Global Poker 50 PLO

Stack Sizes Flop:
BB - $75 - Recreational player
UTG - Hero - $50.73 - Qh Qs 4h 3s
Btn - 82.40 Recreational Player

Hero raises to $1.75, Btn calls $1.75, BB calls $1.25

Flop: ($5.50) Qc 8h 6d
BB checks, Hero checks, Btn bets $5.50, BB calls $5.50, Hero raises to $21, Btn calls, BB folds

Turn: ($53) 9c

Preflop standard.

On the flop, without backup really I decided to check 3-way and go for a c/r if IP bet. That way I can dramatically lower the SPR and deny quite a bit of equity. What I'm unsure about with the line I took if its better to c/r pot to $27.50 or if my sizing is alright to $21? Am I giving too good of a price to call for hands like JT9x?

On the turn, there is $53 in the middle and I have $29.73 behind. 3 different straights completed, so he will probably have a straight pretty often. If I check, I feel if he has a worse hand, he's probably very often checking back and I don't really induce too much, but maybe he just goes ahead and sticks it in with a hand like 9887? But if I bet, I think lower sets with a SD will definitely call it off? Should I be just jamming here, C/c'ing, or C/foldind? Should I have just pot'ed it on the flop to make my turn decision easier, or was my sizing better in the long run to make sure worse hands than mine continue to the turn?

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