QQJ6 w ss on AhTs2s facing pot size bet from 42bb fish 3-way - 50 PLO - Global Poker

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QQJ6 w ss on AhTs2s facing pot size bet from 42bb fish 3-way - 50 PLO - Global Poker

Global Poker:
BB - $39 - Random recreational
CO - $24 - Seems to have a high VPIP
HJ - Hero - $50 - Qs Qd Jd 6s

Hero raises to $1.75, CO calls, BB calls, 3-way to the flop

Flop ($5.75): Ah Ts 2s
BB checks, Hero checks, Btn bets pot for $5.75, BB folds, Hero???

First of all, I am in my first orbit playing on Global Poker and I don't have either the BB or CO tagged. Have seen the BB limp once so far in the two hands I have played before. I would assume more often than not that CO is a recreational vs pro short stacker based on the fact it is very rare for me to see a pro short stacker at 50 PLO on Global.

Post flop, AT2tt does seem like a good board for me, but checking and keeping the pot smaller with a non-nutted hand seems best to me because if we get flop raised by either player (which seems will happen more freq, them both being shorter stacked than 100 bb's+), than we will be folding quite a bit of equity, where we could comfortably c/c a bet of around $3. I guess the advantage of betting is we do get some added FE vs shitty Ax hands. What do yal think about flop?

We check though and CO bets Pot. Maybe villain does this with AT, TT, 22, A2, maybe Kss with bad showdown value, some Axss with weak SD value, ect…This spot seems close to me because we are drawing to the non nuts, but still have around 50% equity vs parts of his range like bare AT/A2 or 58% vs bare TT, but we do have low visibility on spade runouts, Q is prob a pretty good one but maybe some reverse implied odds on. Sometimes if we hit and CO checks back, we can value bet, so that helps out the profitability of calling, but if we hit the turn and CO keeps betting, that also gives us some reverse implied odds unless we are always folding on a s turn. What do you guys think?

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