Questionable 3bet on dry flop

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Questionable 3bet on dry flop

Hi guys, newbie to PLO from NL but really enjoying the game. Had a question about it I should be 3betting this flop.

.20/.40 Online 6-Ring PLO 200BBs eff.

UTG Limps, hero in UTG+1 raises pot with AJA5ss, loose player in SB calls and original limper folds.

Flop: A86r, giving me top set and BD nut flush draw. SB leads into me for pot and I raise pot.

My thinking here is that I should be denying equity from any wraps or OESD, but SB could easily have a set here... should I be flatting this bet considering the board is so dry and I have outs even against a made straight?

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