Questions needed for future video(s)

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Questions needed for future video(s)

Hey everyone,

I need to make a couple of videos to be released while I'm away bracelet hunting next month, and one of the ideas I had was for a kind of Q&A/AMA where RIO members can ask me any kind of poker theory question they like and I'll make a video answering a selection of them. Questions can be as broad or specific as you like, but ideally with enough scope for an interesting response whilst bearing in mind that I'll be trying to answer a few during a single video (could potentially become a series if feedback is positive). I'll be looking to use Monker in my answer to some, but it'd be good to get a pretty broad mix. A couple of examples (drawn from a spreadsheet I keep with questions that occur to me)

-Do we cbet 100% of ace high board as OOP 3bettor vs a late position opener?
-What properties make hands high frequency coldcalls in the SB?
-How do we best distribute our flushes IP on monotone flops between cbet/delay/double delay?

But theres also room for the more generalised (How do we think about bluffcatching rivers? How do we build an effective SRP cbet strategy? etc etc).

Btw, also feel free to use this thread to suggest any other content you'd like to see from me in the future - ideas I have include
-more live play zoom + monker
-another theory series along lines of "leading in 3bp"
-member hh review (ie similar to this but you submit hands rather than questions)
-cards-up review of a SCOOP FT
-hh review from one of my recent SCOOP sessions

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