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Raise or go for overcall...

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Raise or go for overcall...

Playing the shallow 0.05/0.1 on FTP with 5 players - max buy in of 40bb

Hero has QQ25ss utg and opens for 2.5x; btn calls as does sb. Btn has been known to play some 'interesting' stuff for large bets and so has a very wide range. He also doesn't fold a lot once he gets beyond the flop. SB seems ok, can try to adopt orphan pots once in a while. Btn covers me; I just cover SB but we have >50bb each.

Flop: 5QQr - have seen worse. All check: See no point in betting here; I have one of the 5's as well and there are no draws on board.

Turn: Ts (puts 2 spades on board). SB leads for 0.85 (1/2 pot); I call and btn calls.

River: 4h; total brick and SB leads for $3.40 (around 1/2 pot) and has not much left. Once SB has been called twice on the turn and bets again he has something.....Hero is next to act.

Folding - not likely when holding the almighty nuts...

Raise - SB must realistically call his last 85c off and lose; it's likely that btn will probably fold unless he has maybe TT (or T5, T4). 

Call - hope btn decides to do something a little mad (which is possible) 


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